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Semicolon Tattoo

35 Best Semicolon Tattoo: Meaning, Ideas and Designs

The semicolon tattoo is a powerful symbol for many reasons. A semicolon tattoo represents a new beginning. It is often worn by people who have struggled with mental illness, and those who have lost someone close to them. For some, the semicolon represents hope. In addition to being a permanent reminder of your progress, it can also serve as a constant reminder of your dreams and aspirations. Another benefit of a semicolon is that it is often used to represent suicide prevention. Project Semicolon was founded by Amy Buehl, a woman who was unable to cope with her father’s suicide. For some, the semicolon represents hope. In addition to being a permanent reminder of your progress, it can also serve as a constant reminder of your dreams and aspirations. Another benefit of a semicolon is that it is often used to represent suicide prevention.

Get Semicolon Tattoo And Be A Stylish One 

The semicolon tattoo is a popular design that has meaning beyond its size. She wanted to keep those memories alive and started the semicolon movement in an effort to deal with her own depression and seek help for herself and others. The tattoo became so popular that the founder, Amy Bleuel, ended her own life in 2017.  Its message of solidarity with those struggling with mental illness is also a reat way to stand up for yourself. If you’re ready to get inked, consider this design. 

Getting a semicolon tattoo is a great way to make a statement. You can get one on your wrist or arm, or you can use it to accent a larger design. The meaning behind this tattoo is important, so you need to choose carefully and consider the meaning. You can also go for a design that represents your personal beliefs.

Meaningful Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

1. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

The Semicolon Heart Tattoo is a unique design that can symbolize a variety of things. It can be a symbol of your life path, exploration of different options, or an expression of yourself. Many people choose to get a semicolon tattoo in honor of their loved ones, and these designs have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The Semicolon is a punctuation mark in English, and its purpose is to indicate a break between two main clauses that are too similar to be separated. A semicolon tattoo design may represent mental health issues or show solidarity with individuals struggling with mental illnesses. It may also symbolize solidarity with people who have experienced suicide or have dealt with another difficult situation. A tattoo with a semicolon is a great way to show your support for such individuals, or it can serve as a badge of pride for those suffering from mental illnesses. It can symbolize life, past loved ones, faith in oneself, and even a sense of loss.

2. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

The Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo is an image that represents strength and resilience. Although it is very common to have tattoos that reflect a person’s struggles with mental health, the butterfly is a symbol that can also symbolize struggle, strength, and passion. The butterfly is a minimalist design that can make it an ideal choice for people who are more minimalist in their approach. A semicolon is a symbol that can be used to show love, friendship, and compassion. A semicolon tattoo symbolizes freedom, and it can symbolize many different things. The butterfly and birds can symbolize life and love, while the arrow symbolizes courage. Without courage, it is impossible to go forward and conquer life. In the case of suicide, this tattoo serves as a motivational tool and can help a person overcome their fears. The butterflies and arrows can be placed anywhere on the body, from the wrist to the ankle, and the design conveys a simple message. The semicolon butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular designs today, but there are many more reasons to have one. It can symbolize anything from freedom to strength, and the rainbow is a good symbol of courage. It can also be symbolic of one’s identity and the freedom that it brings. It can help a person move forward in life and combat mental health problems, such as depression and self-harm. It can be placed on the wrist, ankle, or foot. The message of a semicolon butterfly tattoo can be clear and simple.

3. Semicolon Cross Tattoo

A Semicolon Cross is a unique design that is very popular with those who follow Christianity. It is a great way to renew your faith in God and remind yourself that you are not alone in your struggle. Whatever the case, a semicolon cross tattoo is a great choice. The semicolon is an especially effective symbol for those who suffer from depression and addiction, as it is symbolic of the pause between a sentence and the next. In addition to being a beautiful tattoo, the semicolon has an important message. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly popular as a social symbol. Many people choose this design because it holds meaning. It represents hope and optimism. These tattoos are a true symbol of courage. The symbol is easily recognizable, but it is important to find an artist who has experience in doing this kind of work. A good tattoo artist will have experience with semicolon tattoo designs and can create an unforgettable piece of body art for you.

4. Mental Health Tattoo

A Mental Health Tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful way to show your strength. It can also be a great way to raise awareness about mental illness. These tattoos are very popular and have meaning behind them. The butterfly is a good mental health tattoo idea because it is very beautiful and represents the mental illness that causes depression. This tattoo represents acceptance and hope and is one of the most popular. The person who chose it wrote, “I know this will pass, but the sun will always shine.” The butterfly is made up of a semicolon, and the top of the tattoo has a cute little boy. The quote is a powerful reminder for those suffering from depression to remember that the sun will always shine. The butterfly tattoo is another great design for a mental health tattoo. It depicts the struggle of a person battling depression and is a great reminder to stay positive and hopeful. A butterfly also symbolizes the struggle of facing difficult emotions and learning how to cope. A flower in a squiggle represents a small flower, and an acute child is at the top. As a mental health tattoo, it can be a meaningful reminder to the person wearing it that they can’t give up.

5. Beautiful Semicolon Tattoo

A Beautiful Semicolon on your body is a great way to express your optimism and your feelings for the future. If you’ve ever considered getting a semicolon tattoo, you may want to think about how you’ll use it. This symbol is a popular choice because of its simplicity. Adding a small symbol to your tattoo can add a nice touch. You can even get this design on your neck, wrist, or even underneath your pinkie. Moreover, a beautiful semicolon tattoo has many benefits for the person wearing it. It can bring people together, and it can remind the wearer of his strength. Getting a tattoo reminds people of their strength and encourages them to keep fighting their battle with mental illness. In addition, a beautiful semicolon can help a person cope with depression or other mental health issues. So, if you’re considering getting a semicolon tattoo, it’s time to get one. Getting a semicolon tattoo is an excellent way to show your self-esteem and support for a cause that’s important to you. If you want to get a semicolon tattoo, consider the meaning behind it.

6. Semicolon Cat Tattoo

The Semicolon Cat Tattoo has many meanings. It is a very sexy and attractive design. It represents power and grace, and it has a very unique meaning for every person who wears it. The image of a cat is beautiful and calming, and it will make you look awesome. The design is perfect for those who are persistent and creative or those who want to express their individuality with a cat-like image. The semicolon cat tattoo is one of the most common designs for cats and is often chosen as a tribute to a beloved animal. As cats are known to have symbolic meanings across many cultures, this tattoo can have meanings that go beyond mere meaning. In Japanese and Celtic mythology, cats are considered guardians of the underworld. The Project Semicolon movement aims to change the stigma of suicide and to help people who are contemplating it. The semicolon cat tattoo is not only a cute design, but it also has symbolic meanings. It represents the love and devotion you have for your beloved pet. It also symbolizes transformation, luck, and a wandering spirit of hope. It can be placed on your ankle or wrist, depending on your preference. 

7. Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

The Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo is a simple design with a symbolic meaning. It is a symbol of movement and welcomes the new chapter in your life. The dragonfly is a symbol of peace and change and can be large or small depending on the wearer’s preference. A small design like this one is best suited for the finger and can be hidden if needed. Project Semicolon, founded by Amy Bleuel, was an online movement that prompted individuals to draw a semicolon on their wrist and upload a picture. The intention was to spread awareness about the plight of people suffering from addiction, mental illness, and suicide, and to give hope to those who might be struggling to cope. Since it’s not easy to be a fighter for yourself, a tattoo featuring the punctuation mark has become a popular design. Besides being a beautiful tattoo, a Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo has a message. The design signifies the person who wears it and gives hope to those who are struggling. The semicolon symbolizes perseverance and the choice to continue. It represents Project Semicolon, a social-media campaign that gives hope to people suffering from mental illness and suicide. It is also a symbol of friendship and support.

8. Semicolon Bird Tattoo

The Semicolon Bird Tattoo is an excellent work of art. The feathered designs are perfect for a woman who is seeking a symbol of hope and freedom. Since birds are messengers between heaven and earth, they are also a great choice for those who wish to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. Moreover, the beautiful designs of this tattoo make it hard to resist. The meaning of a Semicolon Bird Tattoo can be interpreted in several ways. The word “Semicolon” stands for “Semicolon.” It means a punctuation mark and is used to break long sentences. The symbol can be incorporated into many different designs, including butterflies and flowers. A semicolon has a meaningful message. The Project Semicolon was started by Amy Bleuel, a former student who suffered from depression after the suicide of her father. The semicolon can serve as a badge of honor for those who have suffered from a mental illness. The semicolon can be a great way to show pride in your mental health. If you are struggling with a mental disorder or suicidal thoughts, a Semicolon tattoo can be an excellent choice for your skin.

9. Sun and Moon Semicolon Tattoo

The Sun and Moon Semicolon Tattoo is a design that represents the union of opposites. The moon symbolizes power while the sun symbolizes peace. A changing dot at the top of the semicolon signifies love. This is a strong emotion that can be expressed in many ways. This design is popular among men as well as women. It symbolizes a life filled with positive change. It is considered a sexy tattoo idea. The semicolon tattoo is a simple but meaningful piece of art. A semicolon is an inverted comma, which connects two clauses. A sun and moon tattoo is also very feminine and is the perfect choice for women who want to express their love and feminism. These designs are also not ostentatious and can be hidden in plain sight. The sun and moon are a perfect choice for those who wish to show their femininity without appearing too sexy. People with a semicolon tattoo will have a sense of personal meaning. If you are dealing with a mental health issue or have been through a difficult time in life, this tattoo can serve as a reminder that life is worth living. If you are struggling with your feelings, a semicolon tattoo may be the perfect choice for you. 

10. Semicolon Infinity Tattoo

A Semicolon Infinity Tattoo is a perfect choice for those who are looking to get a small symbol of strength on their body. The infinity symbol, which is like the number eight turned upside-down, represents an infinite amount of time. This unique design allows you to add personal symbolism to your tattoo. For example, it can be a reminder of your faith in the never-ending nature of life. If you are struggling with finding your strength, a Semicolon Infinity tattoo is a great option for you. A Semicolon Infinity Tattoo is a popular choice for many people. It is often smaller than a traditional tattoo, which makes it more realistic-looking. You can also choose any element you want to include, such as an arrow, to make it look more real. This design looks better when it’s drawn in 3D than in a 2D design. A Semicolon Infinity Tattoo is an excellent choice for a woman with no prior tattoo experience. It has been used for several decades in the world of art and was first used as a symbol for suicide prevention. 

11. Feather Semicolon Tattoo

A Feather Semicolon is a unique and beautiful tattoo design that can be customized to suit your personality and taste. Its simple design allows you to add a meaningful message to the tattoo and choose its placement wherever you want it to be. This semicolon tattoo is perfect for those who are looking for a message that can inspire others. Its unique shape also makes it a versatile tattoo option. Getting one of these designs will be a fun experience. Project Semicolon was created in April 2013 by Amy Bleuel, who sadly died of a suicide attempt at age 31. The semicolon symbolizes the struggle against suicidal thoughts and self-harm. You can also get a feather tattoo if you are inspired by the work of the nonprofit, which offers resources and tools for those suffering from depression. A feather semicolon is a great tattoo design to display on your body. The design is versatile and can be worn anywhere, but many people prefer it on their wrists, which is a visible part of the body. Its symbolic meaning may encourage those who suffer from depression or other mental disorders to seek help. It also looks amazing on the body and can be a source of motivation for those who have struggled with mental illness or want to make a difference.

12. Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo symbolizes enduring love and hope. A beautiful watercolor rendition of the symbol is an eye-catching and beautiful addition to any tattoo design. If you would like to get a more subtle version of this design, consider a heart-shaped heart instead. The tattoo will still be a meaningful symbol because it contains the words love and hope. People who like to write and artists may want to get one. They can also get them to show support for those who suffer from mental illnesses. These designs can also encourage those who have a hard time expressing themselves. Even those who are afflicted with a mental disorder may be inspired to get a semicolon tattoo. A semicolon tattoo is perfect for people with bipolar disorder. It allows people to come together and open up about their problems. It’s an excellent way to encourage others who have a mental illness to come out of their shells. The design also shows off the true beauty of the image. If you’re persistent and creative, you might want to get a print that depicts an earthquake. 

13. Flower Semicolon Tattoo

A flower semicolon tattoo is a popular choice for a tattoo. These designs can be in a variety of different colors and sizes, and they add beauty to a tattoo. A semicolon tattoo can be black, colored, or a combination of both. Another great option is a design that tells you not to give up the fight against misery. It may also be a symbol that encourages you to take a stand for a better future. People with a semicolon tattoo are often hopeful. They feel that it is a positive symbol for life, and it helps them to cope with problems and challenges in life. The sun represents joy, so a flower semicolon is a perfect design for people who feel down. A sunflower tattoo with a semicolon is a great way to make someone feel hopeful. You can also incorporate a sun or other flower designs on your body, like a heart or a star.

14. Semicolon Compass Tattoo

The Semicolon Compass tattoo design is a great way to express your love for someone. This minimalist tattoo features an outline of a heart. The compass and across make a beautiful combination, and they are often combined with other designs, such as roses and the names of loved ones. The semicolon compass is a popular choice because of its simplicity and timeless appeal. It can be used to represent your faith in God or simply a meaningful date. The Semicolon tattoo symbolizes pause and moving forward. The compass on a sleeve is an ideal design for a person who is seeking to find their direction in life. The compass is said to represent the true north, but the meaning behind it can mean many different things. It may mean following your inner compass or being guided by something bigger. The Semicolon Tattoo Project started last year when people began posting pictures of their tattoos on Facebook. The project aims to change the meaning of the semicolon, which has been in use since 1494. The Celtic compass, for example, signifies pride in ancestry. The heart compass, on the other hand, signifies the willingness to follow the heart and follow your intuition. Its map design reflects the desire to travel.

15. Semicolon Wrist Tattoo

The Semicolon Wrist Tattoo was popularized by Project Semicolon, a website that aims to bring awareness to mental illness and suicide. Its goal is to promote mental health by making suicide and mental health stigmas more visible. The design can be used with any design, including hearts, skulls, hearts, and hearts and leaves. However, it’s not just for people who are depressed or have a mental illness. The Semicolon is an important punctuation mark that is often associated with the writing of poetry. Moreover, it is also a reminder to continue living. The symbol symbolizes hope and continuation. It also symbolizes the ability to continue living even after a devastating event. The Semicolon is a symbolic tattoo that can be a reminder of how much you love and care for someone. You can also get a semicolon wrist tattoo to support a mental health organization. It was founded by Amy Buehl, who lost her father to suicide. She dealt with the devastating effects of her loss and eventually took her own life. It is a testament to her courage and her determination to move forward.

16. Finger Semicolon Tattoo

Whether you have a tattooed thigh, a full arm, or a small finger, you can have a semicolon design on your finger. Because this design is small, you can hide it in many ways. The semicolon is perfect for the finger because it can be hidden. The perfect place to get a semicolon is on your finger. The semicolon finger tattoo is a wonderful way to show solidarity with mental illness and suicide. It represents the pause that comes between sentences and the end of life. The symbol is used by people to promote hope and to help those suffering from depression or addiction. The word “semicolon” is symbolic of the mental state of people who are in the midst of an attempt to end their lives. The semicolon punctuation mark symbolizes an unfinished sentence. The punctuation mark signifies a pause before the sentence continues. The author of a semicolon makes the choice not to complete the sentence and instead chooses to live. The phrase “my story is not over” is commonly found on a semicolon finger tattoo. It’s a powerful symbol of hope, and the idea behind it is to spread hope for people struggling with mental health.

17. Small Semicolon Tattoo

A Small Semicolon Tattoo can be a very special tattoo for a man. This design represents the power to keep writing and is also a great choice for a small wrist or ankle. It has many meanings, and there is a design for every personality. If you want a meaningful tattoo, consider getting one. It can mean so much to you. It can be very simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The design is not overly complicated. A small semicolon tattoo is just one small letter. For example, a butterfly tattoo is a great choice for a small man. It will be a beautiful detail, and you can add it to any outfit. A small semicolon tattoo can represent something meaningful to you. There are many designs that can fit this design. Some people choose to have them on their arms, while others prefer to have them on their backs. And because a small semicolon is a symbol of hope, it can help someone in need, and you’ll look great wearing it.

18. Just Breathe Semicolon Tattoo

Just Breathe is a phrase you may have heard before, and a semicolon tattoo is a perfect way to represent it. This tattoo is often used by writers, artists, and even those who suffer from depression, because it creates the perfect cadence in writing, and helps prevent darker thoughts. You can use the semicolon as a symbol to express your thoughts, or you can incorporate a quote, phrase, or mantra. The semicolon tattoo is a great way to show that you’re fighting for a good cause. The charity Project Semicolon, started by Amy Bleuel, is dedicated to helping people with mental illnesses. The design has a message of hope and self-empowerment. You’ll be helping someone in need with the power of a tattoo, and this will help you stay strong and positive. Just Breathe is a great message to have tattooed on your skin. The tattoo will remind you to breathe and live. This design is a great symbol of self-acceptance, which is very important when dealing with a mental illness. It will also remind you to keep your sanity and support those who struggle. Just Breathe is a beautiful and inspirational symbol for those who want to show their support and solidarity.

19. Semicolon Tattoo With Word

The Semicolon Tattoo With Word is an extremely popular design. It has many meanings, and it’s meant to encourage the wearer to pause before continuing a sentence. It is also meant to encourage people to share their stories, and the design has led to a large community and countless brave accounts. You can find many different types of semicolon tattoo designs, including those that have inspirational messages or are simply for fun. One of the most popular designs is a tattoo of a semicolon. This design is a symbol of hope and the power of the word. The letter “I” represents the self-harm and suicidal thoughts that often accompany suicidal ideation. The project was founded by Amy Bleuel, who died by suicide in 2017. It has been associated with mental health and suicide prevention. In 2013, Amy Bluel, a student at Harvard, created “Project Semicolon,” a social media campaign that spread across the internet. The semicolon is a symbol of hope, and it’s meant to inspire and help people who are struggling.

20. Ampersand Semicolon Tattoo

Ampersand and semicolons are symbols that signify the union of two people. It can be placed anywhere on the body to symbolize friendship, love, marriage, and attachment. It is also a symbol of commitment and fidelity. It can remind a person to keep moving forward and add more to their life. It also symbolizes a person’s connection with others. The Ampersand and Semicolon are symbols that symbolize many things depending on who you ask. They are used to represent the conjunction “and,” which requires another word to complete the sentence. The Ampersand and Semicolon are both symbolic of life and death. They are both simple and versatile. Often used to end sentences, they also have a broader meaning. These symbols represent life’s ups and downs and can be incorporated into other designs. They are a great choice for anyone looking to express their individuality. However, if you want something more unique and a more personal statement, an Ampersand and Semicolon Tattoo might be right for you.

21. Arrow Semicolon Tattoo

The combination of an arrow and semicolon is an attractive and symbolic tattoo. Its placement is not a painful option for many people, and the arrow is a beautiful symbol for this. Moreover, an arrow tattoo will also symbolize the ability to change. The semicolon is a symbol for unstoppability. It also symbolizes reincarnation. The meaning behind an arrow is still largely unknown, but it has become an extremely popular design. The tattoo is very symbolic, and you can be sure that everyone will admire it. It’s an excellent choice for people who want a piece of art that speaks to them. A semicolon is a punctuation mark that marks the end of a sentence. Whether it is a letter or an infinity symbol, you’ll surely find a semicolon tattoo to represent your decision to keep living and to find your purpose in life. The arrow itself is a beautiful and subtle design that looks best on the arm or leg. It’s not a secret that a semicolon and arrow tattoo look best on the shoulder or on the lower back.

22. Depression Semicolon Tattoo

A Depression Semicolon Tattoo can mean many different things. For some, it’s a reminder of the struggle that a person has faced. For others, it’s a symbolic reminder that the person will not be alone. A depression semicolon tattoo can be placed on the wrist or on the arm as a symbol of hope. And while it’s a great choice for any occasion, it should be handled with care, as it may be extremely sensitive. The inspiration behind the semicolon tattoo comes from Amy Bluel, who tragically lost her father to suicide at age 31. She wanted to do something positive to bring attention to mental health issues. She founded Project Semicolon in 2013, a charity organization that aims to provide hope to those who are struggling. The heart is also a symbol of love, so it makes the perfect tattoo for someone with depression. It could be the perfect reminder to keep going, no matter what’s going on. The inspiration for the semicolon tattoo came from Amy Bluel, who lost her father to suicide. The semicolon was created to inspire hope for people who are suffering from mental illness. The heart, of course, represents love. As a symbol of love, this tattoo may be the perfect symbol for someone suffering from depression. There’s a special meaning behind the semicolon.

23. Project Semicolon Tattoo

The Project Semicolon movement began in 2013 as a social media initiative to bring attention to mental illness. The semicolon was inspired by Bleuel’s father’s suicide and she wanted to do something to help others who are suffering from the same conditions. Amy was able to do this by getting a tattoo herself and sharing the story of how her father was helped by the movement. Although it may seem like a gimmicky concept, the movement has helped bring awareness to the issue of mental illness. The Project Semicolon is a non-profit faith-based organization that helps raise awareness of mental illness and suicide. Those who have a tattoo will receive a letter from a non-profit group that has been dedicated to spreading information. The message of this project is a very sensitive one and the Semicolon is a symbol of hope and perseverance. The semicolon is also a symbol for recovery. It is a way to make a statement about mental health and how to find help if you are struggling. A tattoo of a semicolon symbolizes hope for those who suffer from mental illness. The meaning of this symbol is often difficult to understand and can be a powerful tool in helping to end depression and suicide. However, when it comes to creating a positive impact on people, the project is doing just that. It promotes a culture of acceptance and understanding and encourages more people to get a semicolon on their bodies.

24. Feminie Semicolon Tattoo

Choosing a feminine semicolon tattoo is an ideal choice for many women. It shows that you have been through a rough patch in your life and still managed to grow. This tattoo is also a great way to show your self-growth and resolve to move on. It can be a great choice for those who are unsure of their sexuality or identity. A feminine semicolon tattoo will be both stylish and meaningful to you. A woman who decided to have this tattoo does so for a lot of reasons. She remained determined to get the tattoo to help others. She has since gained many followers. Among them are many women who are brave enough to get their first feminine semicolon tattoos. Another reason to get a feminine semicolon tattoo is to support mental health awareness. This tattoo is a great way to make a statement about your struggles and show that you are strong. It is also a symbol of hope. You can use it to spread the word about mental health issues, depression, and suicide. This symbol is so powerful that it can be used in many ways to promote positive thinking and change.

25. Hidden Semicolon Tattoo

A hidden semicolon tattoo has many meanings, and this symbol is no exception. For those with mental illness or a history of depression, this tattoo can be an inspiration. Its message of hope can help heal a person’s soul and keep them going. These unique tattoos are also good for suicide awareness. Whether you’re searching for a way to express yourself or are trying to prevent suicide, a hidden semicolon can help you. Those with this type of tattoo are often writers, artists, or people with a personal connection to mental health. This is an especially useful tattoo if you want to express a message without being overly obvious. If you’re looking to camouflage the semicolon tattoo, you can choose a quote, mantra, or phrase. It can be a true symbol of courage and strength. If you have a meaningful message or are suffering from depression, a hidden semicolon tattoo might be the right choice. The movement is very popular and has even been used to create a tattoo with the iconic punctuation mark. It’s also a great way to include an inspirational quote or mantra on your body. In any case, a hidden semicolon tattoo is a perfect way to show your support for a good cause.

26. Simple Semicolon Tattoo

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time, then you might want to consider a simple semicolon tattoo. A semicolon, or a period, is a symbol of completion. It’s also a symbol of hope, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are struggling with their mental health. While you can choose from a number of different designs, it’s best to think about the meaning and purpose of the design before you decide on a design. A semicolon has deep meaning, and you can turn it into a fairy if you want. Fairies represent freedom, grace, beauty, and spirituality, and a semicolon on your back may have hidden meaning. It may symbolize a new life and new beginnings. For those who are prone to suicidal thoughts, a dragonfly tattoo might be a good option. And if you’re a person who is persistent and creative, you’ll find this design particularly inspiring. There are several reasons to choose a simple semicolon tattoo, and one of them is its enduring meaning. A semicolon is a beautiful symbol, and it represents a lifelong commitment. It also reminds you that you need to keep on going if you want to achieve your goals. You might even get a heart tattoo instead of a traditional semicolon tattoo. It keeps the meaning of the two symbols in mind.

27. Star Semicolon Tattoo

The star has a large collection of tats that she loves, and she’s also made some very unique and beautiful ones. Here are some of her most striking pieces. While a semicolon is a common punctuation symbol, there’s a deeper meaning behind Selena Gomez’s semicolon tattoo. The star got it done in a tattoo parlor in Rome and Capri, where she recently spent time with cast members from her hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. The tattoo has deep meaning for the singer, and the actors from the show are incredibly proud of it. The semicolon tattoo is the symbol of hope and inspiration. It was designed to symbolize hope and healing after a suicide. The actor’s semicolon was a tribute to her late father, who tragically committed suicide. The star’s tattoo is one of a series of projects aimed at mental health awareness and prevention

28. Lotus Outline Semicolon Tattoo

The Lotus Outline Semicolon Tattoo is a great choice for a temporary tattoo. The design is a simple yet beautiful tribute to the beauty of the lotus flower. The symbol of the semicolon is also beautiful. The semicolon is a common element in a sunset tattoo, and it’s an elegant way to add a touch of color to a piece of body art. If you want to incorporate your semicolon into an intricate tattoo design, you might consider getting one of these tribal-style designs. The Lotus Outline Semicolon Tattoo looks particularly beautiful on your arm or upper arm. The lotus flower is often a symbol of elevating ourselves. A tattoo with this design will look good on any part of your body, but it will stand out even more if you place it on your shoulder, hand, or leg. A lotus flower tattoo is a versatile design that is especially popular among those with scars. The outline of the lotus flower can be a perfect choice for those who want to cover a scar on their hand. The three dots on top of the flower and the semicolon beneath it symbolize the struggle of life and the triumph over it. 

29. Semicolon Back Tattoo

A Semicolon Back Tattoo is a very popular design that holds a significant meaning. It symbolizes hope and optimism. It’s ideal for those who have lost their will to live, and it looks great. It’s a great way to express your individuality and self-expression. Here are some reasons why you might want to get this design. Listed below are some examples of tattoos with semicolons. Through the website, she hoped to help others who were struggling with mental illness and suicide. Since she founded the organization, a semicolon has helped 5.7 million people. If you are thinking about getting a semicolon tattoo, consider the meaning and history behind it. The Semicolon was designed as a way to encourage people to pause before continuing their sentences. In fact, the word semicolon has become a popular conversation starter. A tattoo can be a great way to start a conversation and spread awareness. You can share your story by getting a Semicolon Back Tattoo. These stories will inspire others. This design has been used to spread hope and acceptance among individuals battling mental health disorders. The Semicolon back tattoo was created to spread awareness about Project Semicolon. 

30. Butter Semicolon Tattoo

Getting a butterfly semicolon tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful choice for many people. These designs are often seen on wrists, ankles, and rib cages. While these inks can be very pretty, they also carry meaning. They represent a new beginning and strength, which are valuable lessons to learn from hard times. A tattoo is a permanent reminder of a new beginning and can help you deal with any difficulties in life. A butterfly semicolon tattoo is a unique and beautiful tattoo design. This type of ink is filled with green and yellow inks, which are surrounded by a black border. These tattoos are easy to customize and are perfect for anyone looking to express themselves in a unique way. You can find a design that represents your personality and have it custom-made to match your style. If you want a tattoo that represents strength and beauty, a butterfly semicolon is an excellent choice. The butterfly semicolon tattoo is a wholesome design that helps to raise awareness of mental health. Those suffering from mental illness can benefit from this design as it gives a voice to their stories through art. 

31. Neck Semicolon Tattoo

Getting a neck semicolon tattoo can be a great way to express yourself while also promoting conversation about mental illness. In addition to looking great, a tattoo is always a conversation starter. Read on to find out why. Listed below are five reasons to get a neck semicolon tattoo. Project Semicolon is a global movement for mental health and suicide prevention. The issue of mental illness is a serious one, with a staggering number of people suffering from depression or bipolar disorder. The semicolon is a great symbol to promote hope and optimism. It’s especially appropriate for people who are struggling with their mental health and are looking for a way to cope. The tattoo can also look great on your neck. The semicolon tattoo is a popular choice for people who write, are artists, or suffer from depression. The punctuation mark can help create a perfect cadence in writing, and can also prevent darker thoughts from creeping in. It is a perfect choice for tattooing a mantra, phrase, or quote. The design is versatile and a true sign of courage. Just remember to think about the message of your tattoo before you get it.

32. Minimalistic Semicolon Tattoo

Despite their minimalistic appearance, semicolon tattoo designs are becoming increasingly popular with both men and women. A semicolon marks the point where the author could have ended a sentence but instead decided to continue. Often, tattoos of this type symbolize an important event or message in one’s life, such as a graduation or a special anniversary. These designs can represent anything from a favorite song to a personal interest or special support for someone who is struggling with a mental illness. A semicolon tattoo can be a meaningful tribute for a loved one, a special friend, or a meaningful event. Many people use them to show support for someone who has struggled with addiction or mental health. While the meanings are many, it is important to remember that the tattoo should be a reflection of who the person is, and what they mean to them. While you’re displaying the symbol, consider the message behind it. Project Semicolon was founded by Amy Bleuel and is an organization of people who suffer from mental illnesses. The organization’s mission is to promote awareness of these issues and encourage others to wear one of their own. This is an important cause and should not be ignored.

33. Teardrop Semicolon Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique design for your next tattoo, consider a semicolon teardrop tattoo. The symbol represents hope and optimism, which are perfect for those who feel that they have lost their will to live. It can also look really good on your skin, so there’s no reason not to get one. Here are some great reasons to get one: – It’s a beautiful expression of mental health. Some people have a hard time getting out of bed, while others struggle to find a way to fill a void in their souls. Whatever the reason, a tattoo with this symbol can remind them of their strength, and help them to focus on living a life that they love. The semicolon has been linked to positivity for many years, and it’s a good choice for those looking to express their own personal beliefs. In addition to being a great piece of body art, a semicolon can serve as a powerful reminder of a person’s hopes and dreams. Through Project Semicolon, people can share their stories with the world. By wearing the tattoo, they can share their experiences and encourage others to follow their dreams.

34. Ornate Semicolon Tattoo

If you are looking for an artistic, elegant design for your next tattoo, you may consider getting an ornate semicolon tattoo. A semicolon is an important symbol that can be used to promote mental health and help fight depression. This type of tattoo can be engraved on any part of the body, including the neck, shoulders, and ankles. The heart can be drawn in any color or designed to represent anything you wish. An ornate semicolon tattoo is an elegant, minimal piece of body art that stands for hope. Amy Bluel started Project Semicolon in 2013 and it took off on social media. The goal of this organization is to provide hope and support to those suffering from mental illness. An ornate semicolon tattoo has its own history. It has a message that is both unique and meaningful. It symbolizes a person’s struggle with mental health and the need to keep on living. In fact, it has become a popular choice for women who are struggling with their lives. While it is not a traditional design for a tattoo, it does look amazing. This design can represent hope, which is something we all need.

35. Shoulder Semicolon Tattoo

Shoulder Semicolon Tattoos are becoming popular due to their powerful meaning. This symbol is a symbol of the beginning and the end of a thought and is also used to raise awareness about suicide prevention. In an Instagram post, the actors explained their reasoning for getting the tattoo. They said that a semicolon symbolizes the end of one thought and the start of a new one. In addition, they added a meaningful caption to their tattoos that included their own personal story. The semicolon symbol is a symbol of rebirth and limitless love. Many people associate it with mental health awareness and the desire to live a life free from suffering. Whether you are looking for a tattoo to show support or to celebrate a birthday, the Semicolon is a simple, yet powerful way to express your identity. Moreover, it’s a stylish and subtle way to express your inner self. The Shoulder Semicolon Tattoo is a powerful way to express your feelings and emotions. As a sign of contemplation, it signifies mental illness. Amy Bleuel, who started the project, grew up with the tattoo on her wrist and posted a photo on social media. The goal of the project is to help others understand the importance of the Semicolon. The semicolon is a popular symbol of overcoming darkness, and the Project is helping people find their own.


Why are people getting semicolon tattoos?

If you have never considered getting a tattoo, you may wonder why people choose the semicolon. It’s a symbol that represents a pause and a new beginning in a sentence. Those who have semicolon tattoos say they hope that the symbols will encourage others to share their stories. The phrase, “pause before you continue,” is a strong and meaningful statement. 

This symbol is a representation of a continuing sentence. Some people also have used it to signify suicide. While the meaning behind a semicolon may be quite complex, the idea of a tattoo is an excellent way to start a conversation about difficult topics. As a result, people will become more aware of this symbol and learn more about the meaning behind it. A semicolon tattoo is a great way to spread awareness about depression and mental health issues. Many people have the symbol inked on their bodies as a reminder to share it with others. 

Is it bad to get a semicolon tattoo?

Some people are unsure about the symbolism of the semicolon, and if you’re thinking about getting one, think twice. While semicolons are considered to be a ‘negative’ tattoo, they can also symbolize happiness. Some semicolon tattoo designs are inspirational or commemorative. These can be placed anywhere on your body and help you cope with depression and other mental illnesses. Project Semicolon isn’t just a fad. It’s a movement to support those suffering from mental illness. Founded in 2013, it began with the posting of tattoos of semicolons on the wrists of people with various mental illnesses. These individuals, along with other supporters, have a commitment to creating awareness around mental health. A tattooed semicolon can be temporary or permanent, and it’s a good idea to talk to a mental health professional before getting a tattoo.

The semicolon tattoo is not a piece of art; it’s a symbol of mental illness. It was created as a way to honor the survivors of suicide. Besides being cute, this tattoo also serves a symbolic function. As a symbol for the struggle against mental illness, it also serves as a reminder of the suffering of those around us.

What does a semicolon tattoo symbolize?

For some, a semicolon tattoo means more than just a place for words. For those who want to express their unity and solidarity, the symbol can be represented by a bird. In some cultures, birds are considered messengers between heaven and Earth. Whether it’s for practical purposes or as a religious symbol, a bird can be a beautiful addition to a semicolon tattoo. Some birds, however, carry additional meaning. Doves, for example, are symbols of hope, while swallows are symbols of safety. Finally, the phoenix represents resurrection. One thing you may not realize is that a semicolon tattoo is also a socially conscious choice. While many people use them as a statement about a political statement, this style is also popular amongst people who have mental health problems or have experienced suicide.

A semicolon is a perfect symbol to accompany a semicolon. It’s a symbol for life and growth, and the freedom to do what you want. Despite the fact that it may not be a popular choice, it is a personal choice that conveys your unique personality and character. And although the semicolon may look boring in its own right, the symbol also signifies the strength to keep moving forward in life.

Why does Selena Gomez have a semicolon tattoo?

It isn’t known for sure, but it’s believed that Gomez has a semicolon tattoo on her wrist, which represents the suicide prevention organization Project Semicolon. The actors got the tattoo in tribute to Amy Bleuel, who committed suicide last month. The three portrayed the characters of Ryan Shaver, Jessica Davis, and Rose. The semicolon, which stands for “semicolon,” is a symbol of self-respect and a determination to fight for a better life. The semicolon tattoo is a symbol of self-acceptance and is also associated with mental health awareness. The actresses got theirs in honor of the cause and to support those struggling with mental illness.

The actresses reportedly got the semicolon tattoo to support the nonprofit group Project Semicolon. The actresses painted their nails blue to match the character Hannah Baker. She documented the tattoo process on Instagram, which was shared by all the cast members.

Wrapping It Up

The meaning of a semicolon tattoo is deeply personal. According to the Drug Abuse and Psychological State Administration, 9.8 million people had seriously considered suicide in 2016. While suicide and mental illness are not always linked, they do often share the same symptoms. In fact, the popularity of the semicolon tattoo has become so popular that it has even made its way into mainstream culture. There are many benefits to getting a semicolon tattoo. The symbol is symbolic of hope and life. In addition to being an aesthetically pleasing tattoo, semicolons symbolize life and the ability to move forward in spite of struggles. The infinity symbol is simple, timeless, and reminds us to keep moving forward. It’s not just a beautiful design, it’s a statement.

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